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Thanks, all, for the birthday wishes. I'm in the middle of my Epic Move to California, so it wasn't quite a birthday-ish day for me... but there's still some coolness coming, so I can't quite complain.
It's a good thing that whole Mayan thing is bullshit, cuz I gots plans this year. No more "I'll get to it later" or "This is my dream... someday..." It's time to make things happen.

1. Still gonna keep goin' on "Frog Raccoon Strawberry" with TVsKyle, of course. Speakin' of whom...

2. On his suggestion, I'm finally putting "Evil Josh & Billy" together as a TV pitch. I'm still kinda busy now, but bits and pieces of it should trickle onto this page as I continue.

3. I've actually been getting a bit of storyboard work thanks in great part to the studio OddBot and Kyle for recommending me to them. I've recently finished a skit for Cartoon Network's "MAD", but I can't really say anymore than that until it airs. Cuz it's the law.

4. All this means I need to get ready to move from Salt Lake to ol' SoCal. My wife cannelure is nervous about taking risks, but she's trying to stay positive. I've gotta do the same.

So thanks to all my... can I say "fans"? That feels weird. Regardless, thanks to everyone who's supported me. It's time to do more than just doodle on the internet for free. And all of you should do the same! Live your dreams, baby!

You should know beforehand that I have never completed a Zelda game before in my entire existence here on Earth. Not that I never tried, but problems such as pacing and the fact that I've never been much into RPG-styled fantasies before hindered my many attempts. The furthest I've ever gotten before "Skyward Sword" was getting to the Dark Realm in "Link to the Past." Pacing in that game was much better and I enjoyed myself then, but life interrupts, I try to return to the game much later, and I have no idea what I'm doing anymore and just don't want to start over from the beginning. (Same problem I had with "Super Metroid", a phenomenal game... but I digress.)

Considering that the franchise has been around for a quarter-century, and the combat style piqued my interest, I decided to finally give a Zelda game a go 'til the bitter end for once. The following are my impressions, because you were all SOOOOOOO interested.


The pacing is MUCH more improved here. The more cinematic opening to the story is much more engaging than "Ocarina." The addition of a sprint button also greatly helps in this regard, going so far as to actually help you run over short walls instead of painstakingly trying to climb over them. It may sound like a small touch, but it goes a long way.

Another nice touch is that your save file tells you what point in the story you are and you can pull up your objective at any time, ensuring that if you put the game down for a while, you can jump right back in. Finally, Nintendo's learning that people have lives outside of their games (regardless of whether or not I wish that to be the case).

Thanks to motion control (more on that later), combat in itself is like a series of mini-puzzles. It's not entirely just swipe at where the enemy isn't blocking (although there is lots of that), but also finding which sort of attack it takes to dismantle certain creatures. Some may require you to knock their projectile back first and then slash, but only slash in a specific direction. It held my attention more than mashing the attack button.

The puzzles for the most part were very clever. Even the path leading to the dungeons were puzzles. I've heard criticisms about not having some open field in which to just explore, but I'm personally glad to be rid of them if it means streamlining the whole thing. Not that I'm against exploring (plenty of which there still is to do), but games such as "Ocarina" and "Wind Waker" had vast miles of nothingness with maybe a handful of points of interest outside of the dungeons. I don't think there's a point to that much empty space. It's boring. And whilst I'm being negative...


The combat is great... when it works. You can't count on motion controls like you can a button. I cannot change a stance too quickly or it registers as a slash. Use of the shield is mapped to waggling the nunchuck, which is almost completely unreliable. And I've thrown the controller down in frustration whenever I was trying to stab and enemy and Link decided to slash instead, resulting in injury. If you had done what I told you to, Link, you would have been just fine. Ya boob.

Sure, the game's over forty hours. But how much of it is spent on fetch quests? After wowing me with all the dungeon crawling and puzzle solving, the Second Act Slump if filled with these. Collect Soul Tears in places you've already explored, only now you're timed with no life bar and instant death means starting over from the beginning. Collect Tadtones in the forest, which you've already explored like three times, only now the whole place is flooded! Now you get to search for miniature creatures that can literally be anywhere! It's bullshit padding and the game would have been way better without it. It was infuriating and boring and I had to muscle my way through it in order to get to more dungeon crawling and puzzle solving. You know, what the Zelda series is known for!

And of course, Fi. Your "Navi" through this adventure never shuts up. Characters will tell me to go somewhere and Fi will say the exact same thing RIGHT after. Batteries are low? Fi's gotta tell you. Health running out? Fi thinks your health bar and constant beeping aren't enough to warn you! A new puzzle mechanic is introduced in this room, so Fi's gotta spell it out instead of letting you experiment. It's a nuisance. You can change the user interface to different levels of "professionalism" but you can never turn your tutorial off at any point. This is surprisingly an example of something that SEGA did better than Nintendo. In "Sonic Generations" you have different layers of tutorial if you so desire. You can have Omochao flat out tell you what to do, just have button prompts at the appropriate time, or turn both features off entirely. Why, why, why, WHY couldn't Nintendo have made an option to turn the hand holding off?

These negative points REALLY put a damper on my experience. The good parts are really good. I mean REALLY good. But that just makes the problems I have with the game that much more glaring. It's made me interested enough in Zelda to try going through older games again, so I'll give it that. In my limited experience, "Link to the Past" found the right balance of explaining things and letting you figure out the rest on your own. I'll probably try finishing that again and tackling "Ocarina of Time" before trying to finish The One That Started It All. The first seems to just toss you in and says "Okay, go!" which is the exact opposite of how "Skyward Sword" worked. I'll need to work myself up for that one...

You still here? Jeez, how much free time do you have? Get outta heah!
Totally! Gee wilikers, am I in a doozy of a pickle. I'ma trying desperately to install a new graphics card and it's JUST! NOT! TAKING! OHGODI'MGONNASTABSOMEONEINTHEEYE!!

Fo' yo' info', it's an AMD Radeon HD 5770 that I'm trying to get running on Vista. It installed physically just fine, but as far as drivers go... hoooooboy. It says it recognizes the hardware as the installation is running, but then when it's done I'm never given a prompt to restart. Whether I do or don't doesn't seem to matter as the card never shows up in the Device Manager.

Any ideas, Hivemind?
Check it, foo'! Has some clips some y'all prolly never sawed:…
I made these minute-and-a-half episodes for sale on cellphones some-odd years ago. I now finally present them to you, the Interweb public, for free. That... that's all I have to say about it.

Man, I miss having the time to do the series regularly... sigh...

Short #1:…
Short #2:…
EDIT: May be working now. Time will tell.

Tablet not working right! Almost any time I let go of the stylus pen, the tablet keeps thinking I'm still drawing, resulting in lines that go every which way. Suggestions, folks? Intuos3, if it matters.
Today when I first got to work, there was a panicking bird stuck in the lobby. It kept flying back and forth and bumping into the window on each side. Attempting to reach for it only made it panic more, and eventually it smacked into a window hard enough to fall to the ground. With it wrapped in a paper towel, I picked it up; it was panting pretty heavily. I seriously thought it was done for. I placed it gently outside by a bush. A few minutes later, I went outside again and found it exactly where I left it. It was moving its head around now. Not as quickly as birds usually flick their heads, but it was moving nonetheless. I figured I'd check on it again soon and turned around to go about my duties, but then I heard this "flit" sound. I turned back to find that the bird had apparently flown away. That was a relief. I would have hated it if the bird had died because of my actions.

Then I had chicken for dinner.
Been seeing that meme around dA about listing one's artistic influences. I'm interested, but also lazy! I'ma just gonna list my influences instead, in more or less chronological order.

1. "Garfield and Friends": More specifically, the "U.S. Acres" segments. They played a hand in how I drew anthro-animals. I think if you put the cartoon's Wade Duck next to my Nutty Duck, it'll become more apparent. So thank you, Jim Davis. You may be the butt of many put-downs these days, but the animated series was actually pretty good.

2. "ElfQuest": Google it. Not what you expected? While not really a direct influence in my style, I won't forget what the book's artist (Wendy Pini) said about character design. She made a point about how a lot of comic artists draw the same face and just glue different hair and clothes onto them and claim they are different characters. (We're looking at you, practically every manga artist ever.) The importance of giving everyone differently shaped heads, faces, frames, etc. has stuck in my mind since.

3. "Mystery Science Theater 3000": How can a show like this influence me? By writing fanfiction about it I not only honed my writing skills but also got to make fun of examples of what not to do. So I guess this is a bit of a vicarious influence, but an influence nonetheless.

4. "Daria": Not only one of the hands in how I draw humans these days, but an example of how to write female protagonists right. Great show, but admittedly not so great "cartoon."

5. Chris Bailey: The other hand in my human designs. "Clerks TAS" and "Kim Possible" have a lot of character in their, uh... characters.

6. Stefan Gagne: To which you may ask "Who?" Not a celebrity by any means, but he's written some original fiction here… The way the third-person-omnipotent narrator is practically a character is pretty cool. I just loved the way that meshed with the dialogue, which is also hilarious. Admittedly I've lost contact with him o'er the years...

7. "Clone High": Between this and "Clerks", it's probably not good for my future if I keep getting influenced by shows that don't even last a full season. In CH, pretty much anything could happen as long as it serviced a joke. That sort of humor was the direction I tried to go in "Evil Josh & Billy."

8. "Adventure Time": Proof that it's never too late to be inspired. This show has some of the weeeeeeirdest shit going on, yet it's never uninviting simply because the characters are "real" and seem to have very genuine relationships.
As you may know (or may not... shame on you!) :icontvskyle: and I collaborated on a music video. The song "Internet Date" is by Veronique Chevalier, and you can find more of her work on the same YouTube channel I'm linking to riiiiiiiight NOW -->…
One of my wife's friends has started an online store for her handmade jewelry. It would be greatly appreciated if some folks were able to help her out. (Mayhaps perchance something special for Valentine's?) She's also donating some of her profit to charities like Heifer International, Susan G. Komen For the Cure and the World Wildlife Foundation.

On a (slightly) more masculine note, I've discovered that a cartoon I'd long thought indefinitely lost is actually available via Hulu. (Link only available to US citizens. Sorry, "world wide" web!) I don't know how many people actually remember Project Geeker, but it was a bizarre sci-fi/comedy cartoon from the late '90s from the creator of Earthworm Jim. The animation is ehhhhhh and there are far too many catch phrases that show up in every episode, but the concept as a whole is pretty clever and unique.
I assume everyone already knows this, since more people read :icontvskyle:'s journal than mine, but a comic that we worked together on has just premiered on DummComics:… We co-wrote it, but he did all the arty stuff. Enjoy!
Oh, internet, where would I get my laughs without you? The following is a comment I just recently got for this short… after I mentioned how easy and fun it was to make a ten-year-old fanboy brain explode:

im 15 dumb ass and as i can see you like men cause in your icon you like rocken the cock bitch go suck a dick you punk ass bitch, the games dont suck you just suck at them like when you suck your boy friends dick
Wow, I thought this had completely disappeared from the face of the Earth. I had only seen this once as a kid but it still stuck in my mind for all these years!…
New headset microphone. Should make recording voices easier and clearer. The first two seasons of Avatar will keep me quite occupied as well, especially showing my wife the show. And finally Bully for the Wii. I never got my hands on the PS2 version (outside of a single rental) so it should be pretty fun to finish this story.

I feel kinda spoiled, especially since my mother-in-law has already taken us out to lunch twice and has just recently offered to take us out to dinner tonight as well.
I got a call from my wife while I was at work. She smelled gas, and had opened up the windows and ran a fan. I luckily work just across the street and she came over so we could look up the number of the gas company and call together. Apparently one of our apartment neighbors had left the stove on all night. Seems weird that I didn't smell anything before I left for work in the morning.

Even weirder was the receptionist on the phone. She told us not to use cell phones near the building because that could ignite a spark. Ummm... okayyyyyy. Someone doesn't watch Mythbusters.
This will probably open up a whooooole can of wriggly, slimy and downright unappetizing worms, but I'm going to trust the people who read my very sporadic journal entries to be civil about this.

Would it be better for me to get a PS3 or 360?

To clarify: I'm not going to be getting either fairly soon (I have "married money" donchaknow) and I still love my Wii. I've been trying to weigh the positives and negatives of both and so far this is what I've come up with...

XBOX 360

-Large library of games available
-Cheaper of the two
-Lots of online features

-Subscription needed for online
-Known to randomly and without warning choke to death and empty its bowels
-Begins with "X" as if it was made in 1996
-I'm not really a fan of first-person shooters. Like, at all.


-Classic Playstation controller I'm used to
-Free online
-Backwards compatible (at least with older models on eBay?)
-Dude, "Little Big Planet"

-Most of the good games are also on 360 anyway
-I don't think I've even spent that much on a PC before
-Marketed more as a Blu-Ray player than a game console
-Pack-ins include Transformers "game" and Spider-Man 3 on Blu-Ray. Gee, thanks.
My submission to The Colbert Report's greenscreen challenge of making John McCain seem interesting. Please do tell me what y'all think!
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A new Wii game that's playable online? Y'know I gotsta have it. Anyone who wants to race me on Mario Kart, here's-a my number: 2105-9055-3162

On a related note, when I was talking with my wife about the game she asked why they didn't just call the peripheral the "Wiil". That lady needs to be in marketing.
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You know what I dislike about playing online with strangers on Smash Bros.? Getting stuck playing the "Final Destination" stage over and over and OVER AND OVER! Gahhhh! How is that fun?!